The numerous benefits of massage have been felt by humans across the ages. Nowadays thanks to research, we have a better understanding of what those benefits actually are and the forms of treatment that produce them.

Remedial Massage

One of the most common forms of massage, performed by our therapists in our unique ‘BodyWorx way’. Combining our myotherapy skills and neuromuscular anatomy knowledge, we manipulate both the soft tissue and nervous system structures with passive and active release techniques. The pressure used is always based on the tolerance of the patient on our treatment table and our aim is that you walk out feeling a little taller and more functional then when you came in!

Sports Massage

Similar to remedial massage but designed to be more specific for athletes or people regularly engaged in a specific sport or competition. Used either pre or post sport for recovery, general maintenance or to address and treat problem areas.

Pregnancy Massage

A BodyWorx pregnancy massage is a version of remedial massage performed with you lying on your side. We use a big body pillow to help you get wonderfully comfortable while we relieve those aches and pains that can be common for expectant mums. 

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM)

These tools may look like torture devices however we assure you that when used correctly, these IASTM tools are not something to be feared.

From the roots of the ancient TCM method ‘Gua Sha’, these tools are designed to manipulate the superficial and underlying tissues to initiate a healing response by the body. The increased blood flow, soft tissue and neural manipulation that occurs during this treatment can have lasting effects such as reduced pain, increased range of movement and improved function.

The skin colour often changes to a pink or red during this treatment, as bloodflow is increased to the area, however the skin is never broken and bruising should be minimal.